Established in 1975, Axia is a social economy enterprise with the mission to offer quality jobs to people living with limitations. By creating and developing commercial activities, we wish to integrate in the active society women and men who want to participate and contribute positively to their community.


Axia is a non-profit organization accredited by Emploi-Québec as an adapted enterprise.


The cleverness of Axia’s executive staff is to adapt the work according to its employee’s potential and to compensate their limitation by improving the equipment, the work techniques and the company. We wish to create an adapted environment that makes our human resources the most competitive. Employee supervision and training are of the most importance. A job at Axia allows a handicap person to find a source of validation, socialization and fulfillment while bringing their contribution to society as service purveyors and tax payers. Axia’s director general is supported by an experienced team of administrators specialized in their various fields of expertise and its staff has over 220 employees.




of our employees in their personal and professional development,

thanks to adapted training, support and supervision.



expressed by our desire of continuous improvement and our efforts

to better meet our clients and partners’ needs.



of our personnel and our facilities (open-mindedness, attentiveness and lack of prejudice).



the acknowledgement of the value of each person and our validation

of each one’s contribution and of the accomplished work.



by showing consideration and tolerance at all time regarding other’s ways of being, of thinking or doing,

whether concerning clients, colleagues or external collaborators.