Axia security offers a complete range of security services in the greater Montreal.
Our security agents, trained and experienced, are qualified to protect our clients’ goods and buildings while maintaining a safe environment to reassure the personnel and the public.  Our team of experienced managers will take over your facilities.



Thanks to our continuous training program, our security agents learn the best practice to offer each client a customized service, according to your needs.

24/7 dispatch and emergency service

Our 25 year-experience in the security field helped us specialize in:


- Buildings and sites caretaking :

Access control, gate management, maintaining order in public spaces, reception of personnel and visitors, security and alarm systems management, customer service, telesurveillance, reservations, buildings and rooms’ opening and closing, visitors escorting, etc.


- Patrol and preventative inspection on foot and by car :

Exterior buildings and surrounding grounds monitoring, parks, streets and parking patrols, gate security, ensure the enforcement of regulations, issuing violation tickets, monitoring of locks and windows, control of traffic and gatherings, client complaints management, inspection reports, etc…


- Construction site surveillance :

Escorting the managers, managing entries and exits, key management, fire and accident prevention, goods’ reception, maintaining the works register, etc…

We deliver security service for a vast clientele :




Public and private institutions

Commercial buildings, office buildings

Construction company

Manufacturing company and industrial

Sports and recreational complex




Our mandate is to offer you perfect control of your facilities’ security by exceeding your demands

for a quality service and being proactive in the prevention process.